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Adult spending on mixed drinks is on the rise within the U.S., reaching more than $68 billion a year.*

You’re invited to the party!

Celebrate the next revolution of the Bloody Mary cocktail using “The Ultimate Garnish” – a uniquely spiced, USA-made, meat snack that serves as the straw…infusing your beverage with savory flavor.

Benny’s Original Meat Straws, the center of attention at any restaurant, bar or social event, will transform any “outing” into a more memorable adventure. With “The Ultimate Garnish,” precise ingredient combinations, and a few quick shakes, any mixologist can now deliver an unparalleled drinking experience. Transform this classic cocktail into a sophisticated signature drink that looks stunning and tastes great.

Rid your bar of the traditional plastic straw – provide the unforgettably bold delicious taste of Benny’s Original Meat Straws; the straw you sip to drink and eat to complete.

Bloody genius!

* Source: Alcohol Spending Statisitcs, 2016

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